Presidential Forum & Clinton vs. Trump Debate thoughts

Presidential Forum Thoughts:

After watching the presidential forum for Clinton and Trump, I would say I’m pleased with how the discussions went. Hillary Clinton did a good job of standing her ground and really strived to get her point across. I was surprised as to how well she defended herself and had a strong answer for every question asked. I had a feeling the personal email server would come up again, and it did. You could tell Clinton was getting heated and more defensive when it was brought up. She said several times that she apologized and realized it was wrong but that kind of mistake and secretive work can’t be something brought to the White House. I did however agree with her point to better analyze ISIS, online, on ground, and by air in order to defeat them. I think whoever is next as commander in chief needs to take this as a first priority and goal. Trump on the other hand, remained his confident self and has gotten less fired up in discussions. It was almost like they switched places and now Clinton was the aggressor. I agreed with his idea of working out a solution for illegal immigrants that want to serve within the military to be able to. He didn’t have a clear plan or idea yet, but he sounded like he was considering it which I think is a valid reason to stay in the country. I also agreed with his idea of building good relations with Russia and coming together to defeat ISIS. I think its a good plan if handled very carefully and with all the right decisions. It’s important for candidates to have an actual plan especially this late in the race rather than just a broad opinion on what to do about situations. For example, when both candidates were asked on what they will do about the veteran suicide rate in America, both candidates did have a plan in mind. Which personally, I would have liked them to expand more on. As a whole, the topics discussed were touchy subjects but important ones that I think both candidates handled well.

Clinton vs. Trump Debate thoughts:

Both Clinton and Trump had very different views on different foreign policy issues. One being ISIS, Trump has a much more strategic yet some may say “more careless” plan to take care of this issue. I think it’s just more detailed and straight-forward than Clinton’s proposed plan of working with the governments of different muslim countries. You can tell that Trump wants to take care of it once and for all and kind of be done with the whole situation and Clinton wants to take a slower more careful approach. Although terrorism and especially the rise of ISIS is a touchy and dangerous issue to be dealt with it has been a problem during the Obama administration and not much has been done about it. In our next president it’s important for real action to be taken.

Another thing I found interesting was the discussion on Russia. Clinton and Trump had opposing opinions on accused Russian activity. Clinton supported and brought to light that Russia is hacking US government websites and national security information. Whereas Trump denied the accusations and acted in more support of Putin. Which wasn’t surprising to me since in the Presidential Forum Trump was talking about how he thinks America should team up with Russia to put an end to ISIS.

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