A Memory of Solferino

After reading A Memory of Solferino¬†by Henry Dunant, I instantly wrote down adjectives to describe it because of how strongly I think it applied to the reading. A few of them being, heartfelt, deep, emotional, hard-read, tragic, and detailed. The beginning of the reading really caught my attention because of how much dedication and care for people was shown especially when talking about the Red Cross and Jean Henry Dunant (“The father of the Red Cross.” The details about his life was one of the things that stayed with me throughout the rest of the reading. Dunant strived to find a way to prevent human suffering and provide care for all people. “It was natural for him to want to relieve the pain and suffering of all the wounded.” It was really enjoyable reading through the first part of the article due to how heartfelt it was but it slowly became harder and harder. Throughout the main parts of it, the author told many stories from the battle and described scenes of the wounded that were very difficult and upsetting to read. I could really feel how gruesome and violent the war was due to the detailing. The stories about the war continued almost to the rest of the article and the theme I found captivating in the beginning seemed to fade away. I hoped the inspirational and deep comments would continue but it turned into more historical content and less personal insights. Although towards the end the author switched back and gave out more personal insights again and thoughts about the future which left it on a better note. A quote that really stood out to me was “If new weapons are just becoming more dangerous, battles will only become more murderous.” I agreed with this quote and found it an important thing to keep in mind. At this day in age violence seems to be escalating all around the world and its a horrible thing that just seems to be getting worse and worse each day. The last thing the world needs are more catastrophic weapons.

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